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2021 was another rough year, with the pandemic raging, there were fewer opportunities for us to get out and do our thing than usual. But we did manage over 52 concerts and gigs, playing some of the major outdoor music Festivals in the Central European circuit, like Pohoda as well as a wide range of fairs and wine festivals  and also some less traditional events, like the old-timer automobile race festival, 1000 miles of Czechoslovakia a couple of food truck festivals and the European Festival of Humour and Satire Kremnica Gags. The pandemic also brought us some new opportunities, like the Consulate State Reception in Austria, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce garden party in Vienna, and even some televised live stream performances, like headlining the New Year’s Eve gala on RTVS Slovak National TV 4 and a live stream concert in Hlohovec.


2020 was a year in which we really had to get creative with our concerts.  Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we still got to play for our fans in some of the larger Central European music festivals 1, the ones that weren’t shut down, anyway, and we also played a lot of balls and also smaller festivals and fairs outdoors in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Czechia. We played vineyards, castle courtyards, outdoor weddings and also did a boat tour series for Tauck travelling up and down the Danube river from Vienna to Bratislava and doing our best to get everyone up and dancing. But still, the pandemic did limit opportunities for live performances, just 40 concerts the whole year! But nobody can say we didn’t make good use of our time; we put out our new album Kto sa nehrá, z kola von, to wide acclaim.


2019, Ahh the memories. We maybe didn’t appreciate at the time how great it was to be able to play live, anywhere and everywhere we wanted, and be able to get 123 gigs and concerts in throughout the year. We rang in the new year with a concert in the Žilina Theater in Slovakia, and followed up with a range of balls and parties at various events throughout the year. There were some good festivals to be had too; not only our flag-bearing standard Pohoda festival  but also several others in Slovakia, Jazz festivals in Poland, and Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Austria.   We also started playing concerts on some of TAUCK tourist boats plying the Danube river between Vienna and popular tourist destinations in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We pride ourselves on keeping the party mood and dancing going in all 123 of our 2019 gigs, both up and downstream.


2018 flew right by with Funny Fellows keeping busy; 118 gigs that included outdoor music festivals; Pohoda in Slovakia, Festival ObrFest in Czechia, the Tarnów Jazz Festival and Rybnik Festivals in Poland, in Austria there were the Rust and Ebreichsdorf  Festivals. And who could forget the 1000 miles of Czechoslovakia old-timer automobile race festival. And that is just to name a few. We also played concerts in Hungary, Austria, Czechia and our native Slovakia, plus a couple of Balls and Wine festivals.

The only one representing the band Funny Fellows® is front man and owner of the brand Roman Féder.
And thus: ‘Beware all ugly fake originals’ (1928, ŽIVENA Str.15)

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